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The pictures on this site are here to help us to locate other Brothers
and to get the name of the individuals who served with us.

Pictures are numbered to help you by sending us a reference number to a picture
(use left, center, or right side) ( back roll, or front roll).

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Photograph's by:
Dave Jones
Byron Norrell
Pete Shryock
Terry Applebee
Jim Fronkier
James Soukup

1st Bn 1st Marines 1st Mar Div's "First Headquarters Area
"Time Line " 1965 - 1966 "Camp Connor"
1st Bn 1st Marines 1st Mar Div's "Second Headquarters Area
"Time Line " 1966 - 1967 "Command Post near Hoi An"

Company Fire Bases from around the Battalion area, Mudflats and
the Island "Time Line"1966 - 1967 "Command Post near Hoi An"

Command Fire Base at Con Thien Nov. to Dec. 1967
"3 pages of Pictures"
Fog of War Collection of pictures for the fight of "Hue City"
"Time Line" January to March 1968 "14 pages of Pictures"
From Our Camera's a Collection of Pictures from Members that
served together in Vietnam "Time Line" 1965 - 1968
Outpost at the Mudflats 1966-1967
Memorial Page Dedicated to "Our Fallen Brothers"
Purple Heart Recipient's Wounded In Action
Pictures From Then and Now
Some Training Videos
Vietnam Vet Needs Your Help
Pictures From Jim Soukup Collection

Our Poets Section

To Our Parents From the Children of Vietnam Vets [ A Must See Video ]


Vietnam War Resources
Jim Smith's Photo Collection!
Famous Marine Quotes Posted: 01/02/2010
Jo From Florida, you will "NOT" believe what you about to
hear. And these are the poeple that "Voted Obama for President"

"Let Us NEVER Forget"

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